Roldan Follower's Definite Victory

Francisco Roldan arrived in Santo Domingo right after the fleet left to meet with the Admiral, whom he humiliated for months until Columbus capitulated reconfirming Roldan's title as Mayor for life, and with the right to rebel with guns in the Colones didn't comply with the established agreement. At the same time, regulates the exploitation of the Indian workers and the first forms of "distribution", due to the fact that some of Roldan's followers did return to Spain but the majority stayed in the island spread out within the Spanish settlements in the island with their pregnant Indians, their lands and their servants which had been distributed by the Governor. This is the origin of the Antilles's version of the Castilian institution of entitlements, that if it functioned humanely well in feudal Spain, in the Caribbean it became one of the most atrocious systems of slavery that men have been able to conceive.

It is well to point out the importance of the whole Roldinista process in Hispaniola; it is the first social rebellion in the new world where the rebels,more bandits than revolutionaries, not only are able to get what they demanded, but almost totally modify order of the metropolis. Most illiterate like Roldan, it was men like them responsible for the formation of the new society; not religious nor noble, but simple artisans and farmers from common people would be the fathers of the new mestizo race heirs to two cultures that would soon mix into a third giving birth to modern Caribbean man.

After the problem with Roldan, the Admiral remained in Santo Domingo organizing his economies not only from the gains from La Vega Real and exploitation of the mines near San Cristobal, but also from extensive gold deposits discovered in the Central mountain chain in the last days of 1499.