Jaragua Tribute

After the party, the governor and the monarchs proceeded to discuss the Jaragua tribute to the Castilian Monarchs. Bohechio, with reason, alleged that "how can I give a tribute when in my whole dominion there is no gold, nor do my people know what it is?"14 Don Bartholomew intelligently asked for the tribute to be given in cotton and casabe, to which Anacaona and Bohechio ceded with pleasure since their lands facilitated the production of both. On his return to the Isabela the governor found it worse than ever: more than 300 men had died from illness and malnutrition. Due to this he decided to evacuate the settlement distributing the survivors within the forts that had been built between the Isabela and Santo Domingo, and that formed the strategic axis of the Spanish domination in Hispaniola. Only a few men remained in la Isabela to take care of port, the building of two ships, and to attend the planting and the King's herds and corrals.

In the Vega Real region the cacique Guarionex was having problems with the tribute and complaints from his men suffering constant harassment from the Christians. Following small revolts, Don Bartholomew moved to Santo Domingo to suffocate the incipient rebellion. He apprehended Guarionex and ordered the burning of the rebels, but due to the protests of "500 men, all unarmed, howling... begin for their chief Guarionex", the governor set him free, and receiving news from Bohechio and Anacaona that their first tribute was ready, he left once again to Jaragua where he loaded a ship with casabe, four bundles of spun cotton that a man could barely lift,"16 as well as many duhos and cotton naguas. The tribute relationship between Jaragua and the Spanish were going smoothly; with the casabe Bartholomew could feed his men and the cotton sold very well in Europe.