Columbus Returns to Spain

Following this military victory, the construction of new forts assured control of the regions occupied up to this moment, but in the life of the young colony things went from bad to worse. In April the Monarchs ordered their pastry chef Juan Aguado to head an expedition to Hispaniola to investigate the Admiral's behavior, every day more despised by his subordinates. The envoy arrives in October finding a disastrous situation, aggravated by a recent hurricane.

Columbus didn't tolerate the pressure from the chef for very long, deciding to return to Spain on March of 1496. He named Bartolomeo Governor and Captain General, with Diego as his second, and left esquire Francisco Roldan as mayor of the Isabela with jurisdiction over the entire island. He carried with him Caonabo's treasure, some 30 Indian slaves and the cacique himself who died during the trip. The last order given to his brother by the Admiral was the founding of the New Isabela, that ended up being Santo Domingo, in the south part of the island, and better protected from hurricanes and closer to the mines in San Cristobal.